Engineer30-50K · 15 pay


Post requirements

[business skills] :
1. Ability to design customized solutions: able to propose comprehensive solution analysis through product design and solution improvement based on customer needs; Ability to analyze, decompose, and assign key immature commercial feature requirements in customized solutions.
2. Demand planning ability: able to extract key requirements through competitive product analysis and analysis of common problems of customers, provide support for product planning, lead product development direction and enhance product competitiveness.
3. Business insight: insight into the technology evolution trend, traction technology development and customer demand of rf communication market.
4. Open cooperation: broad vision, in-depth understanding of industry trends, driving the industrial chain, continuing integration into the industry, and building industry influence.
5. Communication skills: communicate effectively with team members, dare to make decisions, and ensure the effective delivery and implementation of requirements and design plans in the team.
6. Experience in IP technology and network communication related products is preferred; experience in related products of high-end router operators in the finalist test industry is preferred.

[professional knowledge requirements] :
1. Familiar with operation level high reliability and other solution technologies.
2. Familiar with the development trend and technology trend of high-end routers.
3. Basic knowledge of IP technology and network communication.