2020 X-lab is an innovative international research platform initiated by ShanghaiInstitute of Microsystem and Information Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusingon fundamental scientific research. The platform is dedicated to promoting thefrontier basic research of the Institute and providing independent and robustresources and an outstanding intellectual environment for young investigators.
Focusingon innovation and the future development, the laboratory’s mission is to cultivate young researchers and fertilize innovativetechnologies. With the spirit of fair, independent and innovation, we welcomeand encourage outstanding young researchers with professional knowledge andgreat aspirations to join us.


In-situ Electron Structure

In-situ electron structure research, including but not limited to in-situ X-ray spectroscopy, spintronics, strongly correlated electron system, surface catalytic reaction mechanism, energy storage material reaction mechanism, etc.

Quantum Materials

Including but not limited to topological materials, superconducting materials, low-dimensional materials and devices

Biology - Information

It includes but is not limited to integrated biosemiconductors, synthetic bioelectronics, organ-like chips, human-computer interaction and brain-computer fusion, DNA sequencing, storage and computing, etc


It includes high risk and high profit original frontier basic technology, communication technology and the soft science and technology which is badly needed in China, such as calculation, design and simulation